Moonphases series | Waning Gibbous


MOONPHASES | Meditation scroll

60 x 49 cm

Original painting | Experimental silkscreen print technique

Cotton + Balsawood

Moonphases is a series of textile artworks that capture the Moon’s ever-shifting energy. Each scroll is handmade, tuned into the energy of its specific phase within the mooncyle. It invites you to connect to the Mooncycle, and through that process start to reconnect to your own natural cycles and rhythm.

The Moon teaches us that like her we are constantly going through phases, changing and transforming. That the darker phases are as important as the lighter ones. Her movement reflects our growth and the play of dark and light within ourselves.

With a Moonphases meditation scroll you can instantly create a ritualistic space, and bring the mystical energy of the moon into your home or studio. The scroll is easy to roll up and transport as it is light as a feather due to the use of the beautiful wood of the balsa tree. Calm your mind by staring at the tactile details hidden within the scroll and feel what floats to the surface.


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⋈ Please be aware colours vary monitor to monitor.

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